Travel Interests

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food & dining

You're in a really serious relationship with food, but let's be honest — you're not settling down any time soon. In fact, you're binge watching Anthony Bourdain and scoping out the best places to wine and dine months before your flight even touches down.

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hidden gems

You're certainly not the kind of traveler who settles for what others can find on Google Maps or Yelp. No — you're looking for the best damn hole-in-the-wall café one can find. This is what Kolu is all about.

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music & entertainment

Raving, moshing, smooth jazzing - whatever it may be - when you're away from home, music is your medicine. Only as soon as you check into your hotel are you checking out who's performing around the corner.



When traveling to a new city, you look for the unusual and the exciting. You try to go where nobody else has dared to venture and discover the untouched. Adventure seeker, you make vivid and bold travel plans others have simply not dreamed of.

Local Culture.jpg

local culture

As a traveler, you're looking for the whole package, with a particular appreciation for the language, religion, cuisine, and customs that truly make up a unique local perspective.


history & learning

It's time to dust off your Japanese textbook... because all of your time spent in the classroom is about to pay off. Don't forget that your suitcase has a weight limit when you pack all those guides and reference books!


drinks & nightlife

You're looking to avoid lines and cover at all cost, while having a night even more iconic than the one before. Find a local guide who knows how to party like it's 1999 and be the night owl you were born to be.



New York is home to some of some of the most iconic sports teams on earth, but you may want to see more than just the Yankees. Explore the other 11 major league teams or enjoy a pickup basketball or soccer game in one of the many parks.

Sight Seeing.jpg

sight seeing

You spend months reading about the most popular places in every city you plan to visit, and one day, you'll see everything there is to see — whatever it takes. When you're ready for all that London has to offer, you need a guide who can keep up the pace.



For you, it's not really a vacation unless you're getting copious amounts of Vitamin D. Want to check out the beautiful spots of Central Park or Coney Island? Don't worry, we will get you there.

Penny Pinching.jpg

penny pinching

When traveling, your goal is to enjoy each city as minimalistic as possible. Money can't buy your happiness, budget traveler. Find a local guide as frugal as you are — we promise it'll be worth every dime.

The Arts.jpg

the arts

Standing in the same room that some of the world's most renowned artists once did — that gives you life. Fine art at places like the MET will make your heart skip a beat like no person ever could.