How To Get Paid

You will receive payments after each tour you’ve given. To ensure you get paid, do the following:

You or your travelers must press “start trip” to begin the timer for a tour. The trip durations directly connect to the amount you get paid, down to the second.

  • Both you and the traveler who booked the tour have the power to press “start trip” or “end trip”

  • It is your responsibility to start the trip on the agreed upon time between you and your travelers

  • To end a trip, press “end trip” which can be done at any point— it is OK if a trip does not last the full duration that was originally input by the traveler, simply press “end trip”

After a trip is over, click the dropdown menu on the upper left hand side → “Settings” → “Stripe Account” → “Payout”

  • It will take up to 7 days for the payment to process after your first trip

  • After that, payments will appear in your bank account in 24 hours