How To Create Your Profile

After downloading Kolu Guide on your iOS or Android device, please do the following:

  • Click “Sign Up”

  • Enter your first and last name in the prompted fields

  • Select your top 3 travel interests:

    • These can be changed at any point by selecting the side menu on the upper left hand side of the home screen

    • Click “view profile” → “edit profile” → “edit” located to the right of your current travel interests

  • Input your birthday:

    • This is so we can match you with similar-aged travelers

  • Input country:

    • Please select United States.

  • Select all languages you are proficient in:

    • Some travelers might be more comfortable speaking their native language.

  • Input your phone number:

    • This will only be for our executive team records.

  • Upload a profile photo:

    • Please make sure your photo is of your face only and is clear and crisp.

  • Select the boroughs you are familiar with and can provide tours in:

    • This is important- you cannot manually change your boroughs after selecting them.

    • If you want to add/subtract a borough, please let the Kolu team know and we will adjust.