What we know to be true is this:

Yesterdays tourists aren't tomorrows.

And even moving to a new city can often be overwhelming, at best. Kolu is an app that uses shared travel interests to match travelers with local guides who can provide customized tours of new cities and recommendation's tailored to their desires. To start, each user selects three interests from a collection of 12.


create your kolu passport.

Our travel interests range from food and dining, to adventure, to the arts, and more. A tour from somebody who shares your interests makes any experience more enjoyable for travelers and guides alike. Traveling with Kolu brings human interaction back to technology.

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let us know where you're going.

Tell us the city you're visiting, and we'll curate a tailored selection of kolu guides in that area, with your closest match ranked first. Don't worry about entering in the dates of your trip, number of people, etc. For the time being, just let us find someone who can turn your trip into an experience.


weigh your options.

Have a look at your top matches and reach out to the local guides who you're interested in meeting up with. Nothing fancy, just simple conversation. Your local guide will ensure the details of your trip, so that all you have left to do is pack your bags.


experience the city, with ensured safety.

All kolu guides undergo an extensive background check and are closely screened by our team. For us, these tours are about quality. However, should you ever feel unsafe, you'll always be able to take advantage of SafeTrek™police dispatching technology at the press of a button.