Alphabet City's Dive Bar and Music Scene Tour

Alphabet City's Dive Bar and Music Scene Tour


Itinerary - This walking tour focuses on the rich rock and indie culture the lower east part of Manhattan has cultivated. We will walk through time, music genres, and history to discover the personalities of the venues and the acts they feature. It doesn't matter if you like to headbang, crowdsurf, or hold your lighter up- this tour will be great for any rock music fan. We will walk through the Lower East side, East Village, and Alphabet City on this tour.

Approximate Duration of the Tour - 1 Hr

Starting Point - 105 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10009

Travel Interests - Music, Local Culture, Drinks


Your Guide


Angelica – Native New Yorker, 'cawfee' lover, and that girl at the rock show. With me, you'll explore the quirks of downtown NYC!

Travel Interests – Drinks, Music, Sight Seeing


Saturday - All Day

Sunday - All Day