Accepting/Rejecting A Trip

Important information to know once you receive a trip request notification:

  • To accept a trip, press “accept trip” or to reject, press “reject trip”

    • If the time/date does not work for you, you can message the traveler to discuss alternate times

    • Once a mutually beneficial time/date has been reached, accept the trip and alter the time/date to reflect what has been agreed upon

  • At a minimum, you will be able to view a travelers first name, travel interests, travel sub-interests, trip date, trip time, trip duration, number of people joining and profile

  • Travelers do not have to create a “full” profile to book a trip, meaning they might not have a bio or profile photo

    • We recommend utilizing the messaging function after a requested trip to learn more about the traveler

    • Travelers have the ability to message you before booking a trip as well to find out more information