At Kolu, we believe that travel should be about more than the geofilter applied to the photo you take when your flight touches down. Early on, our team noticed that humans have created and use these incredible apps every single day, but we do so at the cost of the real connectivity to one another that the same apps were always meant to enable. So, we asked ourselves: What if we could find a way to utilize technology and, as Pico Iyer once said of travel, "rescue the humanity of places"?

Kolu meets at that intersection; The intersection of travel and technology. But, for us, "kolu" means even more than finding that lost sense of connection. As passionate travelers ourselves, we believe that kolu is a pledge to create a more connected and cultured world by turning everyday trips into real experiences. Only then can we truly rescue the humanity of places and travel with abandon.

We believe in the importance of traveling with a like-minded individual...

What makes Kolu unique is our patented matching algorithm that matches travelers with local guides based on three of the following 12 interest categories they select when creating their passport.

So, let's say that Kristyn is traveling to Brooklyn, New York next week. She's 22 years old and looking to take advantage of her time there, since being a college student doesn't allow her to travel too often. Kristyn's three travel interests are Drinks & Nightlife, Adventure, and Sight Seeing.

Ashley is a local Kolu guide who was born and raised in Brooklyn. She is 23 years old and currently studies at NYU in the city. Conveniently, Ashley's interests are also Drinks & Nightlife, Adventure, and Sight Seeing. Ashley has also previously given one tour as a local Kolu guide, in which she was given a 5 star rating. 

Kristyn and Ashley's Kolu Match Percentage: 93.5%

These two are nearly a perfect match! These two are close in age, share all three travel interests, and what's even better is that Ashley has a decent rating from her previous tour. The primary reason why they aren't 100% compatible, is because Ashley has only completed one tour, which adds an element of unpredictability that we want to make sure we account for. When Kristyn goes to look for a local Kolu guide on her mobile app, Ashley will be filtered and displayed as a Top Recommendation, which allows Kristyn to find and chat with somebody who can show her just what she's looking for during her visit to New York.